Comprehensive Booking System

Simplicitic's very own application, AddPointment, is a hassle-free, comprehensive online booking management system that tracks all your appointments, reservations and bookings. The app solves service providers' challenges in juggling schedule maintenance and customer bookings organisation.

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Fit for all types of businesses and customers in organising hectic schedules through multiple booking options

An online booking system built from the ground up that safeguards all personal data.

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Make a booking at your fingertips

A mobile app for customers to make bookings, confirm attendance, and receive real-time notifications. Customers can make an instant next-available-slot booking by scanning the QR code in front of the store. They will receive real-time notifications of estimated waiting times via the app.

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A convenient online booking system fits any industry—making it efficient for you and your customers. It keeps waiting time short and allows you to manage available slots easily.

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Food & Beverage
Health & Medical
Beauty & Wellness
Training & Consultation
Cleaning & Repair
Education & Entertainment
Professional Services
Public Service
  • Restaurant


  • FB Outlet

    FB Outlet

  • Food Court

    Food Court

  • Take Away

    Take Away

  • Chiropractic


  • Pharmacy


  • Doctor


  • Dentist


  • Spa


  • Stylist


  • Manicure


  • Facial Treatment

    Facial Treatment

  • Coaching


  • Attorney


  • Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer

  • Financial Consultant

    Financial Consultant

  • Mechanic


  • Car Grooming

    Car Grooming

  • Home Repair

    Home Repair

  • Cleaning Service

    Cleaning Service

  • Workshop


  • Photography


  • Education Centre

    Education Centre

  • Event Organiser

    Event Organiser

  • Engineer


  • Salesperson


  • Property Agent

    Property Agent

  • Accountant


  • Public Service

    Public Service

  • Event Space

    Event Space

  • Public Venue

    Public Venue

  • Facility Management

    Facility Management

Keep customer data invisible

The admin panel allows business owners and staff to manage customer bookings securely and privately. Just set up the services or available resources for customers to book. Then, the service providers can decide if customers are allowed advance bookings online or during walk-ins at the store

It's time to take your bookings to the next level

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